We are created for that

” Now we have to understand that within us there is a power, which can fulfill our seeking. We are created for that. We are not seeking because it’s a fashion or just because we see some important people in the society are seeking, because there are some books which are writing about seeking. But the time is such that you have to seek. Also this time is so important that so many seekers have taken birth because this is the time you are going to get it. This is the time meant for that. There is nothing absurd about it. I mean, when you see some people as hippies or, say, if they drink too much alcohol or if they take to drugs, we start thinking that there’s something really wrong with them. It is not. They are doing it because they are not satisfied. They are thinking that there must be something in these things that they should seek and that’s why they are doing all these things in the name of seeking only. Because the urge is so great within us of seeking, that if we do not listen to that urge we don’t know what to do with it. Some people look strange, you see, to people who are used to a stereotype life. They can’t understand why they are so strange and start wondering what is happening to these people. But actually it is a very big force that is working through the time itself which is making them seek and seek and seek.

In our evolutionary process, we have come to the human level. Human level is such that we do not understand what is right, what is wrong. There are certain rules and regulations, of course. People have given that if you do like this, this will go against you; if you do like that it will trouble you. You may call it religious teachings, you may call it any other type of teachings or some doctors may tell you or maybe some psychiatrist may tell you that if you do like this, it will have this effect. But this is all the discussion of the causes and the effect. But really, what we should know why, why do we do like that and why do we suffer. If we know how to overcome these so-called temptations, you can say, without doing anything about them, then there is no suffering of any kind. So first of all, we must understand ourselves and that understanding, as I told in the afternoon today, can only come if you have the knowledge of yourself.

Now many people say that we must get Self-realization. Christ has said you have to be born again. So I have known some people in America, they have branded themselves, “We are born again.” Finished. Once you have that opinion about yourself that you are born again they think, “We are born again!” It’s not your opinion that is important; it is what has happened to you, and when Christ has said you are to be born again, He could not have said for something artificial or some mental projection or something imaginary.

What He meant, or any other person like Buddha, Mahavira, all these people have said that you have to be born again. Now what did they mean by saying you have to be born again? Is it something that you just brand yourself or you form a cult, or you form a group or you follow some guru, paying him lots of money? Can that be so? Can that be born again? It means that something has to happen to you. But happen to you doesn’t mean that suddenly, say, if you say that, “Suddenly I developed another nose,” or something. That kind of happening is external. What should happen to you is something to your awareness. That’s what we have achieved in our evolution, in our awareness. ”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi May 25, 1983 ” Fulfillment of Seeking ” Public Program Lewes, U.K.