shri_mataji-nirmal-devi-pageShri Mataji Nirmala Devi, introduced Sahaja Yoga Meditation into the UK around 1970.
Thanks to her love, patience, tireless work and effort, Sahaja Yoga Meditation has now extended to more than 91 countries. The knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, although ancient, was known to many cultures throughout the world. There are numerous examples of this, Athena in the Greek culture and references appear in many of the Indian scriptures such as Kabir and the Adi Granth. In this, the modern era, it has been simplified for all to understand by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
In fact, Shri Mataji has made this knowledge available to all, absolutely free, exempted of any charges, Self-Realisation has become a reality (Self Realisation is defined as the knowledge of the inner self the true self).

We all have a tendency to show our concepts and ideas by means of our ‘ego and conditionings’. Using our ego we look into the future, we plan and think of how things could be. As individuals we use the ego to act out the lifestyle and value systems imposed on us according to the country we live in, our religion and our social standing within a given society; these can be very inhibiting factors to our personal growth. By the simple practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, using very a very simple meditation techniques we are able to transcend our every day worries and habits (Karmas) which may be the cause of fears and anxieties, by this simple meditation technique of Sahaja Yoga we are more able to enter a state of freedom from our conditionings and our mental projections, the meditation brings about a change which gives us peace of mind, an elevated state of mind, where we can see for ourselves the mistakes we are making both as individuals and those of our society.

Sahaja (=spontaneous) Yoga (=union with the divine) leads our awareness beyond the limits of our ‘ego and conditionings’ into the realm of reality beyond these two states of mind. This change can actually be felt when we meditate. We can feel a release from our everyday awareness as we enter into a higher state of being whereby we can see things for ‘what they are worth, for what they are’. In addition to the physical and emotional sense of well being all of us can achieve through the meditation, those who wish to go deeper can experience a spiritual evolution which takes place effortlessly. Just as a seed is transformed spontaneously into a great tree, our physical, mental and emotional balancing process is carried out effortlessly in meditation.
As Shri Mataji says: “You cannot find out the meaning of your life until you are connected to the Power that created you.”