This is an attempt by the author of the web site to explain ‘why bother to meditate and why Sahaja Yoga meditation’ my answer being this is the only meditation that can give you/one the state of true, ‘self-knowledge/self-realization’ also called the state of ‘enlightenment: – / ‘to become at one’ / ‘gain true inner peace’ / ‘know they self’.

When we meditate in Sahaja Yoga there is a natural process at work through the Principle of Kundalini, when we meditate using the principles of Sahaja Yoga meditate we become ‘enlightened’ we are on the way to ‘knowing our true self’, for many people who use Sahaja Yoga meditation that translates in these terms, that they are physically aware of sensations in their body that corresponds to small problem in the chakras, which in turn translates to a physical or emotional imbalance, these ‘catches’ as they are called in Sahaja Yoga meditation can also be felt in the fingers, each finger and part of the hand again correspond to some ‘catch’ small problem in our physical body or our emotional well-being, these messages are know in Sahaja Yoga as ‘vibration’s’ (this could be a whole physics lecture as most people are aware that that all physical entities are made up of vibrating atoms/particles) this vibrations are felt in the physical body, fingers, hand and represent a sign an inner ‘telephone call’ that requires one to modify the vibrations of that chakra in order to fix a physical or emotional problem.

In Sahja yoga we try not to be too intellectual as for the most part this activity may be just a reflection of our ego, pride, or our mental projections on how we have chosen directly or indirectly to see the world. Very often we think of a problem in a certain way, which is based on our conditioned response which comes from our family life, family beliefs, our religion, our social standing and country of birth, a simple childlike view of Sahaja Yoga is much more helpful, complicated mental analysis is not really that helpful.

How does Sahaja Yoga work? We would say that the ‘Spirit’ which is enlightened by kundalini works out everything because it has a built-in capacity. We can give the mother earth as this analogy, the mother earth is the power, she sprouts the seeds without intellectual knowledge, it’s all born within (sahaj) and like the mother earth quality in nature, the Divine/kundalini power ‘works it out’,

This works through a kind of surrender that isn’t a ‘mental/thoughtful thing’ it’s more like waiting for something to happen and being surrendered to the outcome, the ‘Mother’ the kundalini will do the job for you. This is a very difficult think to explain to technological human race who believe that they have to be in control, who feel they must exert their will to every situation, the feeling is that we must do something, we must react, simplicity is not easy for a complicated ‘western’ mind.