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Sahaja Yoga Meditation a website dedicated to Sahaja Yoga Meditation. This is a unique method of meditation that was introduced to the UK in 1972.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has given, hundreds, maybe thousands of pubic talks in the U.K. alone.
All of her teachings and meetings are free of any charges. Her philosophy is that no highly involved spiritual person has ever charged any money/exchanged goods to pass on their spiritual teachings.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the only spiritual personality that has been able to give enlightenment en-mass.
Although anyone can learn this meditation method relating to the raising of the Kundalini to become self-aware, have self-knowledge, become the spirit, not many people have the inner desire to become themselves, to become self-realized is to know your own kundalini to ‘know’ which chakras need attention and to know yourself in the true sense of the word.
On a superficial level this meditation will improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, but those that practice Sahaja Yoga meditation daily are looking to become ONE with God/the Divine/ call it what you will.
You can learn more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation and find classes throughout the Midlands | U.K. | world |

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We have introduced a new meditation app. have recently added a free app to their website which we fully endorse @ is a ‘not-for-profit‘ organisation, this app is free of all charges.

for Apple and iPhone user’s download here.

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create a new habit 21 Days meditate once a day for 21 days


Discover the Peace & Joy Within.

By the end of the course we will integrate all that we have learned. We look within ourselves and see how much we have grown in our awareness. You’ll find out what comes after this course to continue further with your journey in meditation. If you have missed a few sessions, don’t worry because this entire course is available on our YouTube channel.

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Meetings throughout the Midlands

Birmingham Meditation Meetings,
face to face, Thursday, 7.30pm/9.00pm. Quaker Meeting Hall, 11 St James Road, Birmingham B15 1JP.
Coventry Meditation Meeting, face to face, Monday, 7.30pm/9.00pm, Friends Meeting House, Hill Street, Coventry, CV1 4AN
Leamington Spa Meeting, face to face, Tuesday, but in 6 weekly sessions check for more info.
Leicester Meditation Meeting, In person, Thursday, 7.30pm/9.00 Eastgate Therapies Centre, 19-23, Humberstone Road, Leicester, LE1 1SR
Stratford-upon-Avon Meditation Meeting, face to face, will be held on the 1st Friday in every month, time, 7.30pm until 8.30pm, Tyler House, Tyler Street, Stratford-upon-Avon. Please check on our local meetup page for more accurate dates and times.
Derby Meditation Meeting, face to face, Saturday 11.00am until 12.00 noon. @ Chellaston Bowls Club, (Entrance Lidl Car Park)
27-33 Swarkestone Road, Chellaston. Derby. DE73 5UA.
Daily online guided meditations live sessions.
Online guided meditations by Shri Mataji – between 3 and 10 minutes, covering many emotional issues. more…
Live Guided meditation @ 7.00pm and ‘self help’ guided meditations


Look out for our 1 Day Retreats Our previous retreat was another great success, Our next retreat was held Saturday 6th July 2024 with over 150 people in attendance on the last retreat, the day is broken up into 4 main workshops which are varied and relevant, we cover the majority of what is needed to take you to the ‘next level’ of your meditation journey. Our next retreat was held Saturday 6th July 2024, Bloxham Farm, Gaydon, Warwickshire. time. 10.45am until 5,45pm.
We usually run at least 2 or 3 retreats each year, so please check here occasionally for future retreats, info and registration.


Blog Posts

In these diverse and varied blog posts we take a look at all the different aspects of science, psychology, religion, and health matters and how they relate to the divine truth. more…

  • The decline of Mindfulness?.. : read more
  • The difference between religion and more
  • Physics proof God more
  • Superhumans remarkable brain waves of high level meditators read more…
  • How to be more ‘collective’ in business and our individual lives
  • more

Follow this exercise to raise the Kundalini,
This state is called ‘Yoga’ yoga meaning the connection to the divine,
God, the all pervading force of the universe, love.

This video demonstrates  how the Kundalini exercise
raises the Kundalini energy into the top Chakra
This state is called ‘Yoga’ yoga meaning the connection to the divine,
God, the all pervading force of the universe, love.


Connect to your own personal meditator

Free live meditation experience
join anytime with an experienced meditator. No software required.
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3 Minute Meditations

Sit quietly for 3 minutes with your hands palm-up on lap. Eyes can be open or closed.
More guided meditations.

3 minute Meditations/other

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Introduced Sahaja Yoga Meditation into the UK  around 1970.
Thanks to her tireless work and efforts Sahaja Yoga Meditation has now extended to more than 91 countries. more…

All Sahaja Yoga Meditation meetings are completely free of charge. No excercise, no need to book, just turn up, no mat, no special clothes, for all ages, all religions, totally inclusive. more…

Subtle System
The subtle system is also known as the tree of life in many other spiritual traditions. It is closely linked to our nervous system, which it keeps in balance, and after Realisation, it actually enables us to feel the state of our energy channels and our chakras. more…

Chakras in brief, the chakras are part of the subtle system, each chakra or nerve plexus looks after the endocrine system and is assosiated with a  particular organ of the body. more…

Daily Quotes of wisdom
Quotes of wisdom by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. These are not simple quotes but advise on how to live a ‘good’ life. more…

Achieving this mystical peak experience of complete thoughtless awareness is the ultimate goal of most traditional meditation techniques. Although meditation techniques differ widely, a common characteristic of most techniques is the training of concentrative attention. more…

Shri Mataji’s advice on Mantras
Mantras are to be used scientifically. more…


Links to Health pages of interest

here we look at all the scientific papers from Universities etc on the benefits of Sahaja Yoga more…

Poets/philosophers/seers from all cultures, all religions and countries of the world and how they see the divine play,

Fantastic web site to gain a better Knowledge of one of England’s finest poets, seer, prophet &  artist
William Blake

In addition to local classes we have many free events such as W.O.M.A.D. (world of music and dance) Crystal Palace, Ideal Home Exhibition, etc. Coventry Godiva festival, Leamington Peace festival.


Homeopathic treatment

Corona Virus / Sahaja Yoga techniques/and Homoeopathy
Following the Indian homoeopaths, seeing what great results they are achieving with the Covid 19 I was inspired to put up a page or two, homoeopathy more…  Homoeopathic remedies recommended by Indian homoeopaths  Sahaja Yoga Treatments more