DISCLAIMER. The Homoeopathic medical information on this page has been copied from a very reliable and respected group of proffesional homoeopaths who have researched the most common symptoms of Covid 19 virus and have put it into the graph below. For information purposes only, this web site is relaying their advise, the editor of this web site takes no responsibility for how this information is used. The graph below is for information, educational purposes only and does not represent or reflects the official view of this web site (which is to seek medical advise) the web site editor has taken this information from other web sites in connection with homoeopathic treatment of the Corona Virus. (Covid.19) This information in not instead of official advice from a medical professionals. Always seek medical advice in all cases of Viral infections.

  • At the first sign of any possible infection try ACONITE in a high potency. 200c or 30c it may stop it in it’s tracks. This is for Europeans
  • The Indian Homoeopathic community are recommending Arsenicum Alb 200c or 30c at the onset of fever headaches etc
  • Repeat your remedy often, maybe every 3 hours, you dont have many tablets dislove one or two tablet in a glass of water and take a few drops with a small spoon every 3 hours, it is said that this is not a time for one dose and wait.
  • Unless you get a ‘spectacular’ response you will need to use several remedies as the situation changes. Don’t be slow or afraid to change if the case changes.
  • Give low potencies 12c 10x for the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions or serious pathology. Go high in the young and (previously) healthy.
  • An eminent group of homoeopaths in the (USA) have presented a chart of remedies with ‘key notes’ to point out the remedies.
    this chart is the main guide. If you feel that the chart is 90% accurate but there are additional sympton,
    you can look over the remedies ‘below the chart’ to confirm or dismiss.
  • Download the chart
  • Please concern yourelf with the main headings, To narrow down which treatment you
    feel most suites your condition and is most appropriate for you, in the first instance, please consult the simple chart above.
    If the symptoms that you have match those given for a particular remedy,
    select that remedy and use it as directed. If you ‘feel’ you have matched the symptoms from the chart
    ‘best fit’ but you have symptoms are not included please follow the ‘links’ to the Remedies below,
    The ‘links’ will give more detail to the remedy and associated symptoms.
    If looking at the detailed description in the links, please try to keep to the ‘main stream
    understanding of Coronna Virus/covid.19, headaches, sore throat, dry cough, breathlessness,
    high temperature (fever) we don’t need a perfect match, we need best fit.
  •  Other good indicators. as are “better and worse from”, “times of day or night”, type of headache, type of cough etc.
  • Aconite   Gelsemium  Phosphorus  Arsenicum Alb   Mercurius Viv either/or Mercurius Solve
    Bryonia   Antimonium Tarticum   Camphor