Shri Mataji Nirmala Devis Birth Chart Prophesying’s a great Incarnation


The Horoscope of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

– by Lalit Bhandari
(given during Tour of Australia – 22 October 1991 )

While making the comparative study and analysis of horoscopes of different Divine personalities a very pleasant and astounding observation has been made. This study has been described in great detail with specific analysis of the horoscope of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The Divine personalities studied are Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Guru Nanak Dev, Shri Chaitanya Maha-Prabhu, Advi Shankarancharya and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The data on the horoscopes for all others is taken from notable horoscopes by Shri B.V. Raman, the world famous astrologer.

It is observed from the various planetary combinations that the following combinations are very rare and are indicative of the Divinity of the person. These are:

1. Gajkesari Yoga or 5th, 9th position of the Moon and Jupiter
This indicates past Punyas, Punya Sanchaya or highly religious past lives.

2. Saturn aspects the Lagna, it shows the concern for the Masses and the ability for Tapasya – Penance.

3. Ketu the Mokshakarak planet should be in the 9th Dharmasthana showing the Dharma that is established within and not outwardly… and the truthfulness. This planet gives the capacity to go all alone.

4. Lagna being aspected by Jupiter and Lagnesh aspected by Jupiter is an added strength giving one the capacity to become world Guru (Jagatguru).

5. Venus or Mercury is the ruling planet in all the cases. If both are there it is excellent because both the planets are Dnyan Karak.

It may be noted that these combinations are present in the horoscopes of all the abovementioned personalities in different quantums (Ansha) . In case of Shri Mataji all these combinations are present in full strength. No.4 combination and No.5 combination is particularly observed to be very strong in case of Shri Mataji as compared to others. Shri Mataji is born in Gemini Lagna (whose Lord is Mercury) with Moon in Bharani Nakshatra (whose Lord is Venus), which means She is under the ruling aspect of Mercury and Venus.

Shri Mataji is born, 21 – 03 – 1923
13 years and 11 month balance of Venus Dasha.
Meaning Pleasant and Happy Childhood + 11 . 13
21- 02 – 1937

Thereafter Sun’s period for 6 years
Indicates Tapa-Period; spiritual and
Political activity of Intense Nature + 6
21 – 02 – 1947

Thereafter Moon Period for 10 years
Indicating clear headedness and deep
Contemplation of Mass enlightenment + 10
(Political and Spiritual Activity)
21 – 02 – 1953

Then Mars period of 7 years
Indicating Traveling and lot of Changes + 7
21 – 02 – 1960

Then Rahu’s period of 18 years
Rahu is a Divine planet giver of Intricate + 18
Knowledge of Brahma. Inner soul searching,
Search for En Masse awakening
21 – 02 – 1978

Then Jupiter’s period of 16 years
Spreading of Sahaja Yoga – the Guru + 16
Principle throughout the world
21 – 02 – 1994

Thereafter Saturn will govern for 19 years
When it will spread Sahaja Yoga in the
Whole world. Saturn means the masses, the
Virata and Shri Mataji will witness Kalki
(Mercury) Power manifesting over the whole World. + 19
21 – 02 – 2013

According to the birth horoscope and Sahaja Horoscope of 5-5-1970 Jupiter passed through Libra. Jupiter will again pass through Libra in 1993 and Sahaja Yoga will blossom in the entire world.

Shri Mataji is born with Rahu Nakshatra in Ascendant – Mercury (Gemini) and Moon in Bharanj (Venus) Nakshatra, clearly indicates that Rahu means Films, TV, Radio, (that is either principle) and Venus means Music, file personalities, artists can help. Mercury is the ruling planet of the present day politics (Sahaja can enter through present political system).

In the early Indian Politics at the time of Jawahar Lal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, the ruling planet was Venus. Thereafter the ruling planet of Indian politics has been Mercury as all the important events took place on Wednesday. It may be noted here that Shri Mataji has both Venus and Mercury as Her ruling planets. Thus She has full sway over the past and future of Indian Politics.

1. Three planets, Saturn, Sun, Moon are ucch abhilashi – Exaltation
2. Saturn, Jupiter are retrograde (Vakri) – Double strength

Venus is totally free from any malefic aspects giving her the name of Nishklankavtar with
(10-5 deg.) Divine combinations. Just pointing to us who She is.

I bow to the Almighty God Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who is the
Nishklank Avtar which our Puranas are speaking from centuries.

Lalit Bhandari

This is further confirmed from the horoscope of 5.5.1970 (Sahaja horoscope) , which is almost identical with Shri Mataji’s horoscope, having Gajkesri with Jupiter in Libra, Saturn aspecting Sahaja Lagna, Sun exalted. From this we see that from 15 August 1990 Sun’s period is up until 15 August 1996 during which all great souls will be attracted to Sahaja Yoga and have their inner (spiritual ascent) purification and then from 15 August 1996 for 10 years the Moon’s Dasa is starting… that is it goes to the Masses, and the work is completed up until 15th August 2006.

(Australian Sahaja Newsletter – 10 February, 1995)

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