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Meditation Guides to download, meditative music, video and audio meditations and more resources and materials from this Course are available here.

Some information here is very ‘advanced’, so you should ensure you have completed the whole course and are regularly meditating so you can appreciate the information. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about the material during the Course sessions or when you are in contact with one of our mentors.

SEE ALL RESOURCES Also Evening meditations Monday and Friday live evening meditationsat 7.45pm until 9.00pm & Youtube @SahajaYogaUKLive
also go to http://www.wemeditate.com who also run free live meditation sessions. these guys also have a free meditation app which is on the home page here…

Introductory talk

Day 1
Experience the silence within

Day 2
Expand the silence of meditation

Day 3
Inner peace and balance

Day 4
We are beautifully made

Day 5
Inner transformation

Day 6
Using the Natural Elements

Day 7
What are you feeling?

Day 8
Cooling down the right-side channel

Day 9
Bring the left side (emotions & desires) into balance

Day 10
Self mastery

Day 11
Restoring our our childlike innocence

Day 12
Our pure desire is to ascend
we can connect to a higher power

Day 13
Feeling contented in our daily lives

Day 14
Unconditional love

Day 15
Inner transformation through meditation.

Day 16
Forgiveness – yourself/others

Day 17

Day 18
Meditation is a state of mental silence

Day 19
Going beyond thoughts and feelings into thoughtless awareness

Day 20
How to prolong the state of thoughtless awareness.

Day 21
Day 21, this is just the beginning.


Newcomers and regulars will learn how to meditate and experience true meditation. Over the 21 days, you’ll be guided daily by our online team through the three levels of knowledge and meditation experiences from beginner to intermediate to advanced. One on one help and workshops with group practice will be available.

This is a spiritual meditation whereby we awaken the inner energy that gently brings positive change within us – making us more balanced, peaceful and joyous. As you participate in daily classes you will notice increasing gaps between your thoughts and feeling more relaxed and spiritual. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is volunteer run, always free and practiced in more than 100 countries.

Join with Zoom for interactive sessions or watch on YouTube. All sessions will be recorded so you can also watch sessions to suit your time zone or schedule.

“We are all part and parcel of one country. And that country is of love.” – Shri Mataji (founder)

About the sessions

Through Sahaja Yoga meditation, we awaken our inner energy that gently brings about positive change within us – we feel more balanced, peaceful and joyous. As you participate in the daily sessions, you will notice the gap between your thoughts increasing and you will feel more relaxed, peaceful and spiritual.

About Sahaja Yoga meditation

Millions around the world are enjoying our free Sahaja Yoga Meditation since it was started by HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on 5th May,1970. Her meditation enables en-masse Self-Realisation. Self-Realisation is the key to thoughtless awareness, also known as mental silence, and is the basis of good health and wellbeing. Sahaja Yoga meditation provides this experience.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free and is practiced in more than 100 countries.

More details

Evening meditation  Monday and Thursdays live at 7.45pm until 9.00pm
Also every morning from 6.00am until 7.00pm