Jeremy Sherr speaks about the success (often ignored by the pharmaceutical industries) in epidemics and pandemics

Jeremy Sherr, a well known homeopathic authority on the treatment of epidemics, will discuss the role of homeopathy in the treatment of coronavirus. Learn how homoeopathy has faired in past epidemics and its potential in the prevention and the treatment of the covid-19 virus.
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Homoeopathy has been a saviour for decades

even when western medicines or Allopathy failed in cases, it was Homeopathy that cured it. In a conversation with Dr. Isaac Mathai, Medical Director, Soukya, Pune CP K. Venkatesham and Rajiv Bajaj it’s being discussed about the possibility of treating COVID-19 and starting it on a trial basis for which they have sought permission from the government. Dr Isaac Mathai talks about prescribing Prince Charles Homeopathy medicines when he was tested positive for Coronavirus. Pune CP has suggested his police force to adopt to homoeopathy medicines to stay fit and healthy.