The creation of God is going to get its fulfillment and is going to know its meaning. It is that great. Perhaps we do not realize it, but when we say we are Sahaj Yogis, you have to know that to be a Sahaj Yogi how much identified you should be with the truth of Sahaj Yoga. And so many misidentifications which are hanging on to you must be got rid of. People call it a sacrifice. I do not think it is a sacrifice. If you think something is hampering your way, you try to take out that hurdle. In the same way, if you stand out from your obstructions, you will be able to understand that these obstructions are standing in your way and they are not your own. They are stopping your progress. So you should get this misidentification out of your minds completely and try to be more and more yourself and not a misidentification. (18 November 1979)