As it is described in all the scriptures of the world, joy is a state of mind which does not have duality. Like day and night, like happiness and sorrow, it does not have that. It is a state in which you feel you are beyond all the waves of thought, all the waves of identification and you start enjoying yourself. This joy that we talk of does not come from matter, nor does it come from your mind. It comes from the Spirit, which is in your heart. (26.07.1979)

Although I am not a fan of Gregg Braden, nothink peronsl, I’m not a fan of much alternative vlogers, Ive made an exception here as this video is, for a large part factual and there are many other comentators saying the same thing, supporting the theory that the heart has it’s own mind and own desires.

Shri Mataji has often spoken of the heart, both in it’s physical form and it spiritual form.  A person can be ‘brain dead’ but the heart can still be beating, but once the heart stops beating then there is no life. In Shree Matajis talks we will often hear that the heart is the seat of the spirit, the spirit being the reflection of God almighty in every single person. Thus we are all created the same, there should be no class system in any culture as we all have the potential to become the relection of the divine, to become our higher selves, how to achieve that can be found on this youtube link….Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi gives Self-Realizatione