Stand 32- Sahaja Yoga Exhibition Olympia London – Free – September 28/29/30th 2012

The idea of taking care of our mind, body and soul is gaining acceptance with each passing year. If we neglect ourselves, we are nowadays more aware that things have a habit of catching up with us and may surprise us unpleasantly with some ailment or illness.  All of this may  make it more difficult for us to find our inner balance, optimal health and sense of wellness. However, we also all know that it’s never too late, or too soon, to make a start.
One important thing to realise is that these three aspects of our being are closely connected one with the other.

In the past they may have been considered separately by various science departments, however more recently scientists are recognizing that they are actually interdependent: our physical body, our emotional/psychological dimension, our mental dimension and our spiritual dimension are all interconnected.

Together they form the ingredients of our being, our personality. When one of these dimensions is not working properly, all the others will be affected. Sometimes we might know consciously about this imbalance but more often we are unaware of these inner interactions and imbalances.

Yoga comes into the story in a self explanatory way. Yoga means union and by achieving Yoga, (union), all the subtle ingredients within us become connected, re-balanced, awakened, integrated.