A long-term Sahaja Yoga practitioner, Dr. Hernandez obtained his Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and in collaboration with other scientists, for over a decade has been researching neuronal activity and changes to brain anatomy in Sahaja Yoga meditators. He has successfully recorded the largest ever increased levels of Gray Matter in the brain during Sahaja Yoga meditation which improves the longevity of memory along with MANY OTHER BENEFITS:
• brain rejuvenation
• improved attention & focus
• better management of emotions with enhanced emotional intelligence
• internal peace and mind-body integration Sahaja Yoga invites Dr. Sergio Elías Hernández to share the remarkable research findings in greater detail.

Just a few minutes of Sahaja Yoga meditation help achieve a state of mental silence and sustain levels of gray matter. EXPERIENCE it through a guided meditation with special music designed to rejuvenate your brain.