• Writer: Tim Bruce
  • Works of William Blake
  • Additional material from Paul Duncan, Deborah Eckman, Monia Giovannangeli Directors: Tim Bruce, Monia Giovannangeli, Eric Loren, Vanessa Payer-Kumar Performance from The New Players Theatre in London, UK Satan –
  • The dark angel – challenges God to a contest to determine the fate of the seemingly virtuous Job: an Everyman unaware of his own divinity. An overzealous Satan torments Job to within an inch of his life and traps him in a world of material darkness and false religion. God intervenes in the form of Jesus the Imagination and raises Job from the depths of existential despair to become a visionary prophet ‘with the power to make others prophets’. A newly inspired Job attempts to awaken divinity within others and tries in vain to rouse the Giant Albion – the Collective Body of Mankind – from its ‘sleep of death’. Yet only by restoring Jerusalem – Albion’s lost Emanation and feminine power – to Her spiritual glory, can the Eternal Spirit awaken within Man and the Divine Humanity become a reality. Set against a backdrop of Blake’s engravings, this innovative show brings to life his prophetic works, through music, verse and contemporary dance, in a way that has never been seen before. It is the first time that the books Jerusalem, Milton and Vala have been performed live on stage.