It’s your wisdom which will teach you. Wisdom will teach you how to regulate yourself, because you have come here to ascend, to achieve a very special place in the realm of spirituality.
H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sons, wisdom is a treasure and your heart is a treasure chest (archa). When you learn wisdom, you lay up treasures for yourselves: good treasures, immortal treasures, incorruptible treasures, which will never grow old nor lose the appearance of their splendour. Various kinds of riches are among the treasures of wisdom, and many chambers are in the treasure chest of your heart.
Hugh of St.Victor, Chronicon

O Queen of the heights, goddess of heaven,
daughter of the Artist supreme –
for your divine face teaches that you are no
mortal, nor do you lament our race’s taint –
your countenance proves you a goddess,
your sceptre proclaims you queen, and your
glory shows you are born of God:
To you the abode of the gods lies open, and
the way of heaven, the bounds of Olympus,
the world beyond our world, the realm of the
Thunderer – and the throne of God
and the fate beyond
Alain de Lille (c.1117-c.1202)
Anticlaudianus de Antirufino (1181-84)