You might wonder why we, as practitioners of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, have some interest in the ‘star signs’. We are not really interested in the predictive advice that many people seek on a daily basis from newspapers, magazines and the internet, but we are definitely interested in the significant alignment of the planets, as each planet carries with it some archetypal aspect or symbolism. For example, Venus is the planet of love, Mars (in Sahaja Yoga philosophy) is associated with the principle of ‘innocence’, ‘wisdom’, and the ability to ‘remove obstacles’. They are also associated with the Yugas (a Yuga is a period of history that lasts about 2000 years). For example, we have recently moved from the ‘Piscean age’ that initial move was around 2091, the Piscean Yuga was symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions, for us, one fish represent the spiritual assent of mankind with the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ the second fish swimming in the opposite direction symbolises the conflict with materialistic views that have dominated the previous 2000 year era, to the present which is represented by the symbol of the ‘Aquarius’, the water-bearer. the water-bearer represents the balance and harmony that we seek in the current era.

The relationship to the planets and the Chakras can be found on this page.