Picture-of-shree-Mataji-Nirmala-DeviWe are born as human beings and we know so many things already. People know so many things, but they do not know the actual. This knowledge does not come through your reading or through your intellectual pursuit or for your emotional movement, no. It is shashvat. That means it is all the time there. It exists. It will exist. And it is just to be understood, just to be known to yourself what it is. It cannot change. It cannot be remolded. It is what it is and that is what you know now. Nobody would doubt that. Because those who haven’t got this state, they may doubt, they may call you crazy, they may think anything. But with the open eyes, whatever you say is the truth. In the same way, with the open heart and a open brain, when you know that, that is the real truth. And that is what is to be known. (29.07.2001)