Picture-of-shree-Mataji-Nirmala-DeviIGNORANCE DOES NOT EXIST

There is nothing like ignorance. It doesn’t exist. It does not exist. There is darkness because there is no light. Once light comes, it doesn’t exist. It does not exist. So ignorance doesn’t exist. But what happens is that the folds of this ocean, into that people go and it is lost. Thus we understand one thing very clearly: we are in Paramachaitanya. We are made by Paramachaitanya. All the time we are surrounded by it. The only thing is we are sometimes lost in the folds. And why are we lost in the folds is because of our own unawareness. This awareness has to come: that we are part and parcel of that Paramachaitanya. The whole thing is called as chitvilasa. It is the vilas. It is the playful enjoyment of God’s attention. (8.08.1989)