Buddhism & the scientific findings of Quantum Physics

The last 100 years of science has began to bridge the gap between the scientific and spiritual understandings of the Nature of Reality. This can be most clearly seen between the teachings of Spirituality and many aspects of Buddhism & the scientific findings of Quantum Physics. Spirituality and Buddhists point to the notion of Emptiness often know as the Turia state as that which is the ground from which everything arises and everything returns to. According to Sahaja Yoga meditation Buddhism and aspects of Shiva in Hinduism, everything that you feel, see, hear, touch, think or taste in this moment is arising from the empty ground of infinite potentiality. We are going to investigate what this ground of Emptiness is and how the apparent world and ourselves arise from it as explained in spiritual traditions and by the scientific findings in Quantum Physics. Nothing about the dream was real; however, the dream consciousness was in a sense real – it was the real potential ground without which the dream could not appear. The Quantum Field is outside our perception but remains as the pure potentiality for matter. All matter arises from this Quantum Field and falls back into this field. The Field itself is spread across all space and time. This Quantum Field is the very ground from which every atom, all matter, the universe, and our very selves arise from and falls back into. There is a similar notion within Buddhism. It is called dependent arising or Pratītyasamutpāda.

written by  Matt Mackane Voiceover: Andrea Giordani Editor- Rohit Pawar Score: Epidemic music & Original Compositions