It is predicted

In these modern times, it is predicted that it is going to happen to thousands of people…. It is a specialty of this age that it is happening all over the world. I am surprised Myself. This is the power that you have within yourself. I am not obliged. Neither you are obliged. It is your own power that rises and gives you this Selfhood which is being described by Shri Sant Gyaneshwara. And this state of sahajavastha is very easy to achieve.

From a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (25.11.1996)

Shri Sant Gyaneshwara.

Brief history of Gyaneshwar, who was  was born in the year 1271.

born in a small village near the Godavari River, the second born one of four children.

He has tried to describe the state we call Sahajavastha which means the state of oneness with the divine, can call it Sahaja. Sahaja means one with you, this spontaneity. This state when it you achieve, I should say, not achieved but it happens to you. When you have this experience of Sahajavastha then what happens to you? He says, “Like at the sun. Sun has got its rays and the rays go and play all over but again they go back.” In Marathi it is, [some Marathi]. “They get content in themselves.” In the same way, a person who is a realized soul, he is doing every kind of thing outside but he’s absolutely absorbed inside. Because inside you are so glorious, so beautiful that one has to really rise to that height of Sahajavastha, state of Self-realization.