Mindfulness Vs Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Is Sahaja meditation the same as “Mindfulness Meditation?” The answer is that it could very well be from the perspective of the benefits it has to offer… but Sahaja Yoga Meditation is something much beyond and deeper than Mindfulness.

Yes, mindfulness is indeed one of the benefits you can easily achieve through the practice of Sahaja meditation, but the state of mindfulness is not part of the Sahaja technique. In Sahaja meditation, achieving mindfulness during meditation is not the goal (in fact, to have the mindful and in a state of concentration is the opposite thing we would want to achieve in the state of meditation), in Mindfulness Meditation, mindfulness is both part of the meditation and the technique which is their ultimate goal for the outcome.

The ultimate goal of Sahaja meditation technique is to be free of thoughts during meditation, while Mindfulness Meditation techniques is to have have thoughts therefore the mind or brain is never in a state of calm/relaxed/peacefulness or clear of thoughts.

Sahaja meditation offers a wider “benefits package.”

Mindfulness and Meditation
Be aware that we are not in competition with Mindfulness as Sahaja Yoga is totally free all over the world.

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