meditate 4 free Book: steps to enlightenmentA COMPLETE INSTRUMENT
At this state of thoughtless awareness you encompass the whole universe. And at that state, this power works wherever the problem may be. So we have to understand our value, that we have this power within ourself and this is to be respected and to give credit to the Goddess because She has done so much work for us that She should not feel that it is now they got Realization just for a song and they are not bothered, they don’t know how to develop it. She will not be in any way hurt but Her work, what She has done, we have to see, we have to understand and we have to have a feeling that somehow, as we now have got enlightenment, we should try to be people as complete instruments of that power.
That is only possible when you do not have your own ideas, your own interference. A complete instrument, just as I said, this instrument has to be perfectly all right, otherwise it cannot work. (01.10.1995)

Every Day with Shri Mataji-01/10

“You Have To Project  & You Don’t Have To Reflect”, Italy