“This divide between science and spirituality has troubled me since I began my journey into health and well-being in my teenage years. I like to think of myself as a bothist, and I practice what I call bothism: I choose to see things in both/and rather than either/or terms, shades of gray over black and white. When it comes to matters of science and spirit, we divide up into our ideological camps, a lot of words get thrown around, and a lot of confusion gets created. But really, what the heck are we all talking about? And is it possible that we’re actually just using different words to describe the same things? Could it be that what religion calls spirit and soul and science calls electricity are really one and the same? In this book, we are going to explore the idea that we are living in an electromagnetically connected universe and that, ultimately, it’s all one light, one electricity, one Source energy, one universal magnetic field, spinning itself into all the light we can and cannot see.”
― Eileen Day McKusick, Electric Body, Electric Health

The Sahaj view of this would be the same but different

  • In Sahaja Yoga we would describe the soul as being contained by the chakra system. The chakras of each individual have their strengths and weaknesses this gives each person their personality, a personality made up of my many principles some stronger than others, the chakras of course can be made better and strengthened by meditation or ‘yoga’, true yoga whereby the individual connects to the all pervading power of the universal force.
  • The ‘spirit’ is a completely different concept. The spirit, according to Sahaja Yoga, resides in the heart and is the ‘reflection’ of the divine force, God almighty, call it what you will, the spirit can be reflected by each individual, but…like looking at yourself in a mirror, the reflection is not you, it’s a reflection, this is exactly the same principle as the spirit, the person may reflects God like qualities but he or she is not that, they are reflecting the divine principles but they are not owners of the divine principles, and most ‘good acts’ are good acts, they come from being conditionings tio be good or ego, where good acts make the individual seek self praise. The ‘spirit however, when it’s reflecting God/the divine power/the all pervading universal power is actually acting without reward, it just ‘is’ like the Sun, the sun comes up everyday, nourishes everything in the world with no thought of self praise or acknowledgement, and this can only happen if we are connected to the divine, ‘connected to the all pervading power of the universal force/God, call it what you will, higher power.’