The-3rd-Advent-IncarnationWe are here to judge ourselves and not to judge others…. All the individuals now have to enter into My being. You have to all become part and parcel of the Virat. (universal divine, all prevading power of Gods love) The microcosm has to become the macrocosm. For that, you have to give up your small, limited personalities. You have to become very large, big, but what do you have to surrender is your ego. That is the stupid thing which covers you up completely in the head here and does not allow you to grow. So if you fight with it, it will exhaust you. For example your ego is here and you are here, so light falls and you fight with your own image or your shadow. Then you are exhausted. Then you say, “Mother, I’ve been fighting with my ego, but the ego doesn’t go.” It’s an illusion. (17.08.1987)