Picture of Buddha

Buddha renounced His family went out…

Buddha renounced His family went out, read the Upanishads this, that. Everything He read and ultimately reached Gaya where He was sleeping under a banyan tree. And while sleeping only, He was so tired and fed up, He got His Realization. And that is what is very important. But for the Buddhists, what He did before going there is important. So they also want to renounce this and become sanyasis, this, that. But by becoming that, nothing is going to happen. By going to Gaya and sleeping there, also it won’t happen. It has to happen because He was a pure seeker, true seeker and that is why it happened. But for Sahaja Yogis, they do not have to do anything of the kind. They just get it, Realization, because I think most of them in their last lives have crossed most of their problems and have known that it is nothing. It’s all nonsense in all these things. Or maybe in this life also they must have realized it is all nonsense. And then they must have come to Sahaja Yoga. So it is a very great luck for you that you are here and you have got your Realization and that you are enjoying yourself. (23.02.1992)

Every Day with Shri Mataji – 23/02/1992