You cannot pay for God’s love.

It makes Me laugh sometimes. Human beings can never understand His love because they live in a very limited sphere. His love is unlimited. His forgiveness is unlimited. Even this word “unlimited” and “infinite” we do not understand because we have not known anything like that and to say that something is genuine is also like certifying something that is genuine. You do not need a certificate. Even that, human beings do not understand. We live with artificialities. We try to find the truth. Again we accept artificiality as truth. Again we go on fighting. Then we think this is the truth. Again that turns out to be some artificial thing or some sort of a mental projection. All these limited endeavours of human beings and experiences, they have made them so conditioned that it is not easy to understand God. He made all this universe in His compassion and love. He created you as human beings also in His compassion and love. He does not need anything. But He loves. And you cannot understand a person who loves beyond any reason, without any reward, just loves for love’s sake. We cannot think of one human being like that who can love only for love’s sake. (11.05.1982)