Picture-of-shree-Mataji-Nirmala-DeviHatha- Yoga

Many people tell me that through Hatha yoga they got heart attacks naturally because that’s not a Hatha yoga. Hatha – yoga Ha is the sun and the Tha is the moon. So is the yoga of sun and the moon. Not only of the sun and what they do is throughout is nothing but the sunline which makes them very one sided imbalanced personalities. And the Hathayogies are so hot tempered, such liver and such heat that you better approach them with a [UNCLEAR–barchpool], mostly they divorce their wives, they have no emotional life and become very very dry people. The reason is the other side which is the emotional side is not catered at all. But this is just a wee part of it. Later on he talks of thoughtless awareness nirvichar samadhi then the doctor’s awareness which is called as the nirvikalp samadhi. This is what is sahajyoga is that when you rise Samadhi means awareness which is enlightened. Awareness which is enlightened. So the human awareness expands and gets enlightened. This is the thing main theme main achievement of Patanjali yoga.

– Shree Mataji Nirmaladevi
lecture 7th March 1990