All world problems are due to human beings and all human problems are due to these subtle centres which are within you.  When these centres get blocked, then you have physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual problems.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.  At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is.  We cannot think about it, we cannot conceptualise it.  Unfortunately at this human level we cannot feel it, we cannot know it.  We have to be the Spirit to know the truth.

What’s the problem of this world?  The whole problem, you take it: there is no joy.  Simple as that, there’s no joy.  If they had joy, they would not have done all these nonsensical things, there’s no joy!  When you have joy you don’t want to fight, you don’t want to do anything that is harmful, you don’t want to say anything harsh to anyone.  Not only that, but you do not want to have something that will spoil this Mother Earth or which will bring ecological problem, no; you just don’t want it.

We are here to give joy, happiness to everyone; to make everyone happy.  There are so many ways of making others happy.  I have found that we have to learn, also.  So many things we have to learn, how to make others happy.  And then when you make them happy, then you feel that joy within yourself: “Oh, they’re so happy!” See their happiness, then only this lotus opens out much more; like a ripple moves and moves to the end of the shores and then from the shore it returns back to you.  In the same way, when your joy reaches the joy of others, then the ripples that come up make a beautiful pattern of your life.

Quotes by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1991 – November 10, Cabella, Italy