In 2018, July 06 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation gave these references mentioning the great English Seer William Blake

Fourteen thousand years back in India the originator of the astrology in India called as Brighu Muni has predicted that such a system will start in 1970. Actually he didn’t write 1970 he wrote according to Indian calendar. But three hundred years back another Indian called Swami Bhagendar transcribed it and said that it had to start in 1970.

Sahaja Yoga started in 1970. Also it was said that in this new method of Sahaja Yoga, thousands of people will get awakening of the Kundalini in a sahaja way, in a spontaneous way, and that you will not have to work hard for it or to do any kind of penance – tapasharya. This was predicted so far as that that after some time when such yogis will be created on this earth that there will be no need of hospitals. It has gone even further, it’s quite a long thing but I’m just telling you that it has been predicted a long time back.

But only hundred of years back, a great seer known as William Blake was born in England. In a book called Milton, he has identified Milton with a seeker. And he has said so clearly about Sahaja Yoga that it is really surprising that such a seer was born in England. He has said that the men of God will become prophets and these prophets will have powers to make others prophets. He has even given exact places where I would be living. First we were living in Surrey Hills. He has written that the first would be lit in Surrey Hills. And there’s a second house which he has described, he has described it that it will be on the Tyburn brook, behind the Kensington Gardens. Now My, this house is exactly there.
Also he has described how he called them ‘Golden Builders” because the Sahaja yogis have come and painted My house with gold somewhere in the . The first ashram of Sahaja Yoga was started in Lambeth’s Vale where I laid the foundation for the and it was a house bombed in the war. He has written that the foundations will be laid in Lambeth’s Vale in a house which is broken down up to this limit: that her sinews will vibrate the divine.

It’s very remarkable the way this great poet has described Sahaja Yoga in England. He has retaliated against all industrial troubles and industrial problems very strongly. And he’s lashed [?] all the crookery and the immorality of the people of England. And he had said that we have to build Jerusalem in this land of England. Look at his aspirations and his understanding of the future!

This is what is a seer. And you become a seer after your realization. A seer is a person who sees but does not react, does not absorb. It just sees as a witness and the whole thing is like a play. He does not do anything himself, but his presence itself is auspicious and it works out goodness. It is difficult in these modern times to talk about auspiciousness, holiness or divine miracles.

When we believe in Christ we must know that He has shown so many miracles Himself by curing people. But He did not do stupid miracles like taking out a ring or giving some sort of an ash into your hand. A seer can live in a palace or live in a hut. He is a king because he is innately a king, like the sun does not need any light.

This state can be achieved through the awakening of the Kundalini and in India perhaps everyone knows about it. Even the Christians had this knowledge. As I told you yesterday that Kundalini is to be awakened but as we have lost many things we have also lost this knowledge. But still in the Bible you find sentences like, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.”

These centers are – they look like tongues of flames all living tongues of flames, but very silently moving. And the last center that you see there Sahasrara actually looks like a petal, many petaled, thousand-petaled lotus, but it is like many flames of many colors very silent sometimes closing down and sometimes opening

But seeing the chakra is not being inside the chakra. Like you are standing outside this building, you can see the whole building, but when you are inside you just see the inside. So those who have seen the chakras have moved their attention from one sympathetic to another sympathetic and have gone out.

Supposing a tree is sick, so you cannot enter in to a tree’s being through the leaves or through the branches, but you have to pass through the sap into the roots. So no use treating any particular leaf or any particular flower, the best thing is to go through the roots. So the Kundalini is the root and the lower center than that which is the center of your innocence is the support of this root. This is the center of your innocence and this center is governed by a deity which is an eternal child. The energy of this deity is innocence.

Now the same deity incarnates on this earth as Lord Jesus Christ. He is described much better in the chapters of Mahavishnu of Devi Mahatmyam. When His father blessed Him that He should be born on this earth and that He should be the support of the universe, His father told Him and He had a very difficult task to perform. His body was made of the Brahma itself – the all-pervading power. There was no earth element in it. No elements were there. Only this all-pervading power, this abstract had taken that form, and when He came on this earth the greatest task He had to do that He had to pass through that gap which you see where Ego and Super Ego are crossing as the position of pituitary and pineal body.

That’s why, when He was crucified, His body was resurrected: because He had no body. So crucifixion gave Him a position in our Agnya Chakra here by which He died and came out of it between these two very tightly crossing, these Ego and Super Ego.

So His resurrection is the message for us. On the Easter Day we give eggs to people as presents and we do not know is the meaning of that is. But actually in the Devi Mahatmyam is described that first He was an egg, a special egg. And half of Him remained as it is, because He formed the lower Chakra and the half of it became Mahavishnu – that is Christ.

That is the same thing is that the egg becomes the bird by resurrection. And that is why the egg is given to us: to show that we have to become birds. In Sanskrit language a bird is called as dwijaha and also a Brahmin – one who is a realized soul, twice born – is also called dwijaha. Because the bird comes out of the egg in one life time, so it has a double life, means it’s a twice born. And also a human being first is an egg because it’s a closed [process?] you can see the Ego and Super Ego [closing down]. And when the bird is ready the shell is broken here and out of the egg comes out the bird.

So a Brahmin, or a person who knows the Brahma, the all-pervading power, is also twice born – dwijaha.

That’s the same thing is that we are to be born again. Christ has clearly said that “You are to be born again.” I mean, there cannot be more clear statement than that. But what we do is to get some priest from some theological college who is not a realized soul and he artificially puts the water on the fontanel bone. The Kundalini doesn’t move. There is no awakening, you don’t see any movement of the Kundalini. Nothing happens. Only we celebrate the baptism by having champagne. How we believe into such things!

All this befooling is going on, but William Blake wrote very clearly that “a priest cursed me on my head when I was helpless.” So this is what it is: that you have to be born again to be Christians and for that you have to have baptism. [Tape interrupted] So to put it plainly it has to be a living process… Any Dick, Tom and Harry cannot put the hand on your head and say that you are baptized. Christ was born realized, but He took a baptism from John the Baptist because He was wanting to make people understand that they have to do the baptism also. This is called in Sanskrit as Samayachar. For example, in no lifetime of Mine have I known English. I’ve never heard of French. But in this lifetime I know English and I’m hearing French. So according to time, one has to act to tell people how they should perform this baptism.

I went to America and all the people I told them, “You have to be born again.” So they started an organization saying, “These are born-again.” All self-certificates. There is a big organization like that which says, “We are born again.” How human beings accepts falsehood and so easily! They don’t want to understand that how can you be born again just by certifying yourself? And once they form such a fanatic, nonsensical false group they become so violent and arrogant that nothing can change their ideas. They are sure they are born again.

But if you are born again, you have to have some powers, you have to have some speciality. And what is their speciality is nothing. I asked one of them, “If you are born again, can you tell Me what’s wrong with this gentleman?”

He said, “I know, but I don’t want to tell You.”

So foolish and so stupid the whole attitude is towards oneself! They have no respect for themselves, they have no understanding that how God, with great delicacy, with great care and love, has create them as the epitome of evolution.

All these cults are the same style of nonsense that is going on. First of all you cannot organize God because it’s a living process. Can you say that on such and such day, at this time, the flower will become a fruit with your watch, even if you have a Swiss made? Is an impossibility. So how can you organize a living process of your evolution and the source of that evolution which is a living source?

The biggest mistake is that people have organized God and organized religion. Now nobody can penetrate it. It is far away from reality. What it is that one must know that God is above us. He can organize us; we cannot organize Him. So first of all we must drop ideas from our heads that we can organize God or this living process but we must know the source of that process.

Now, the source of that process is the central path that you see there. I told you yesterday about the left and right side, now today I will tell you in short the central path. That central path that lies within us is a very subtle energy. In the gross it expresses the parasympathetic nervous system. Whatever we have achieved in our evolution is expressed in the central nervous system. That means we can feel it on our physical being. But we cannot feel the existence of Spirit on our physical being so far.

So in evolution we have only come up to a point where now we have to have the final ascent. So this gap, this bridge, is to be done through some triggering. Just like we have spacecrafts, there are cylinders placed into one each other – like first the physical should start the mental, then the mental should start the emotional, then the emotional should start the spiritual.

But when you start seeking the spiritual you find there is no way to jump above to become the Spirit. So ultimately this Kundalini triggers you into the Spirit. So, so far, you have been made human being through the central path or the central power of sustenance. The Sanskrit word is dharma for that dharayeti sa dharma [also found as dharmo dharayeti iti Rig Veda – transcriber’s note]. Dharma means the one that sustains. Actually Dharma is translated as religion in English language – religo. But it means that as carbon is first created at that point, first point, part [Shri Mataji is probably showing the Mooladhara as the translators says “ce premier chakra”], once the carbon comes into the play, the organic chemistry is formed. The life starts breathing. Then the other evolutionary stages take place inside the void. While the yellow thing that you see there, is the second chakra, creates the universe.

Now, in evolution, if you reach the last stage you become the seeker. Those who are not seekers are very low to evolution. They may be kings, prime ministers or they could be any big johnnies, but to God they are not important. When you are evolved to the maximum, then you start seeking your Spirit. Such people are extremely earnest and very seriously thinking, “The end is seeking.” They may seek in drugs, they may seek in alcohol, they may seek in sex, they may seek in other such things which are called immoral, but despite all that they are seekers. And a person who is not a seeker and a very moral person is of no use. Even if they don’t believe in God, they believe in Him because unless and until they say there is no God, when they say there is no God that means there must be God. It’s like saying there is night means there is a day.

Such people, the seeking is so great that they do not want anything else but the last jump. They are not interested in any material gains or any position. They have had enough of it. But ultimately they want one thing: is their Spirit to shine in their attention.

Today in modern times thousands of seekers have come. I didn’t say millions but millions is a better word. Yes, millions and millions, so many are there. And they are lost; some of them are definitely lost, I must say. We’ll have to rescue them also. But these men of God are going to receive their realization. And I’ve met such wonderful people that one day they were lying in gutters taking drugs and second day they are here giving realizations.

Such tremendous personalities I’ve met that I’m Myself amazed. Many Saints are taking birth today. All the Sahaja Yogis who are married have got all born-realized children. And this has to happen.

This is the time of our judgment, the last judgment. We are not going to be judged in a weighing machine. Only this Kundalini is going to judge you. The great painter and seer, Michael Angelo, has written it large in the Sistine Chapel. Christ is standing, very strong personality at the Agnya Chakra and He’s thrown so many people down to hell. And the saints are passing through His hands and going above in the Kingdom of God. He is a great seer because he saw Christ as He was.

Christ was a very healthy, robust personality, but below the painting there was another bony stuff kept as Christ. It is sadistic to show Christ like that. Because they want to see that Christ was a miserable creature. How can a person who was just nothing but these heavenly vibrations could be such a miserable creature like bones?

He carried the cross on the shoulders. Let anyone of these popes carry even for five minutes, then I would like to see how they would look. This has created a big problem in India. Indians were all waiting for the incarnation of Mahavishnu, but the missionaries who went to India with gun in one hand and Bible in another brought a picture of Christ so miserable and Indians could not believe that a person who is going to be born for the salvation of humanity could be like this.

They could not connect that incarnation of Mahavishnu has already come. It is said that when the incarnation of Mahavishu will come and it will settle in the Agnya Chakra, then when He is awakened, all our karmas – means conditionings and our Ego, Ahamkara – will be all sucked because He would have suffered for us. And that is exactly what happens when Christ is awakened then these two institutions or these two bloated things just get sucked in. And then you find there’s a space in your head and you find the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area and you get your real baptism.

That was the great task of Christ [some words superimposed to the translation], and then at the cross He said, “I’ve done My work.” His mother for Indian purposes was the incarnation of Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of the central path of evolution. But He did not talk about Her at all because He is bestowed upon [?] with eleven destructive powers of such [?] that nobody can withstand it.

If anybody would have touched His mother, He would have given up His drama and destroyed all the world, half way the drama would have finished. Ultimately He is going to come on a white horse. The Mahdi has to come, the Mahdi in the Koran and in the Indian scriptures it is described as Nishkalanka – means spotless, pure. And also in short form they call Him Kalki.

But when He will come on the white horse, He’s not going to give any chance, any realization, no counseling at all. He’s not going to comfort you out of your diseases. And He’s not going to redeem you to become realized souls.

He’ll be coming with eleven destructive forces of Ekadesha Rudra and all His compassionate forgiveness will be a past history. You can see it His clear-cut picture done by Michael Angelo as I told you in the Sistine Chapel.

So this is the most important time today where the world is facing and we have to be aware. No use just saying that whatever [?] will happen, now we do not want realization.

As today is My last lecture, I don’t want to [?] on a subject like hell. I don’t want to talk of it, but I want to talk about the Promised Land, he land where there is the rule of God Almighty, where your Father is sitting with His both hands to receive you with love and give you all His powers for which you should not say, “I’m not ready.”

It is for Me to decide. You please don’t decide about yourself. Only thing I cannot do is to create that earnest desire in you. That is My limitation. So I would request you to feel that earnest desire by logic. See all the people whom you think to be very happy people and go and meet them. There was a lady who said about a particular actress, “I adore her; I wish I was her.” She told Me that and next day this actress committed suicide. This is the thing we do not understand: that none of these people who are supposed to be the top successful people are happy. Let alone happiness, if you cannot get that, how can you think of joy?

Today is the last day I’m speaking to you; perhaps after one year I will come back here. I would like to tell the citizens of Paris and France that they must think of their eternal life. They have really played havoc with their own lives and also they have taught many bad things to other people also. They should now enter into their roots and become great realized souls and nourish this weak sickly tree of life through their vibrations.

Sahaja Yoga is taking a big stride everywhere and I’m sure many will be saved, but I’m worried about each individual is sitting here. I wish you could have the same love and respect I have for you. Please take your realization and follow it up. Within one month you can become the master of your being. No slavery of any kind. For which you don’t have to pay anything, don’t have to work hard. You have to just swim in the ocean of joy.