To reach Reality, in the Eternal Presence, we must be the Self, but the Self is beyond the ego (thinking about the future, doing things and ones image) and the superego. (the thoughts of the past and of our emotional needs). We are in the Torsion zone when we are no longer living with relative terms, but live with the absolute.
The conscious mind is the mind which acts when you are awake and you see things, but there is also the unconscious mind behind it, there is also a subconscious mind, there is also the superaconsciouse mind beyond the conscious mind, where lies the collective consciousness, and beyond the collective consciousness there is the collective subconscious.
The unconscious mind is, in a way, we can say, Kundalini (the Holy Spirit). Well, when she enters the conscious mind, you become illuminated. The conscious mind is the mind that is conscious of the environment, aware of every being there, aware of all things. But an illuminated consciousness that is of the highest level is more conscious of things than you are. It is possible that your conscious mind will always be, depending on your level of evolution, worrying from very small things, “Is it too late to take the bus or not to go home? It can be so. Then there may be another conscious mind that thinks ‘how far can I meditate, where can I go with it’, all sorts of things. But there may be a conscious mind that is enlightened; If the mind is enlightened, it can simply get all the essences and grow and feed itself.
When you are in meditation, you must allow yourself to be conscious without thought. There the unconscious himself, the Holy Spirit itself will take care of it. And that’s why it says, “Let the unconscious take care of it, have spontaneity, spontaneity to solve this.” But they can not, they are so complicated now! Einstein called it the “Torsion Zone” where all the information came from.