Shri-Mataji's-Book-Meta_Modern-EraExcerpt from Meta Modern Era book by

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Socratic Ideal & Nowadays Politicians under The Law of Polarity

Shri Mataji: “The Socratic ideal of serving the benevolence of the people, does not exist any more. On the contrary, they criticise it by insisting that Socrates was not a practical man. All the great saints and prophets were, of course, idealists and not practical people. Most of the democracies of today’s world are under the thumb of people who have no honourable or moral ideas whatsoever. They discover very fast that power can give them prosperity and that this money power can whitewash and obliterate all their misdeeds and conceal the dubious business they are up to. Unfortunately for them, this false licence has now gone into their heads, like a fixed idea, and they go on behaving immorally, without any fear of the Divine, ruthlessly destroying the entire value system of democracy. They may carry on for years, as they did in Italy, until, by the Law of Polarity or by Divine retribution, they are exposed. But before this happens, such rulers unfortunately become models for the people whom they govern and gradually moral degradation in day-to-day life begins to create a decadent or dying democratic society.
As I have said, those who are elected to serve the people’s welfare should be evolved souls whose ideas should be like Abraham Lincoln or whose ethical values should be like Mahatma Gandhi’s. Perhaps the cynical political strategy of modernist leaders is to let people ruin themselves in their private lives. Why would the government disturb people in their private life? This is because anyone who raises a question about private lives of the people will not get a vote. The modern politician says that if the people want to destroy themselves, they have the right and the freedom to do so. So why disturb such political thinking? The strategy is common in democracy and communism. As long as voters do not try to dislodge those in power from the comfortable seats (to which they are glued in order to serve their own self-interest) the politicians feel very re-assured.”

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