The only snag in the enjoyment is that you feel that so many are still lost. It does not matter. That has to be made up. You have to work hard. We have to understand that there are negative forces which are pulling them down. They are ignorant. They do not know beyond this life resides the eternal life of beauty and glory. But gradually, I am sure it will work…
One must understand that God’s work is blessed by God. He will render all His help, all His blessings on you, to enrich you, to enable you to perform your divine duties. The time is passing. Very little time is left. It is running out and that is why the desperation is more in people. This desperation itself has brought forth the advent of Sahaja Yoga on this Earth and you should feel stronger to fight these obstructions that you feel around and should work out the ultimate goal of this creation. (31.05.1983)
Every Day with Shri Mataji-31/05
” Going Against God’s Will “