Astrologer Kaka Bhujender predicted the advent of a female Guru 14000 years


And here they have tried to establish how astrology is so correct and whatever is predicted 14000 years back is also today coming up.

Shri Mataji: is based on the Moon. See, the Moon is the moodiest thing. And so we, we the Indians, follow the Moon. And here they have tried to establish how astrology is so correct and whatever is predicted 14000 years back is also today coming up.
But this is about two thousand years back. One of the great astrologers of this place, not Sholapur, but little downward, Karnataka, he described about this thing so clear-cut that, I mean, you’ll be amazed that, he said that this great Yogi will come on this Earth on the Mina Rasi, is the Pisces. So I’m just on the cusp of the Pisces and the Aries, you see. But that’s not so important. Then he says that gradually we’ll start seeing some miracles from 1964 to 66, which he says that, maybe little bit. But he says, the real change, Mahan Mankar, in the age, the New Age, he will start from 1970.Sahaja Yogis: Ah, Mother’s Grace.
Shri Mataji: And by 1980 it will take its grip. All right? That time, by this new method, the New Age will be formed and this, the old one, Vaivastav. You see, there’s one another- we have yugas, you see. One of the yugas will be over and that yuga is in Kali Yuga. So that’s how Kali Yuga will be finished from 1970. Will be start receding back, Kali Yuga, and a new age of active Divinity will start, Krita Yuga. New age of active Divinity, Krita Yuga will start, alright. That time, that time the Sun will rule in a new way, the Sun.
The axes of earth will be reduced and the speed of the Earth will be reduced gradually. And that time a great Maha Yogi will be born who will be completely Parabramha, completely Parabramha. That’s Me. [Laughter] Sahaja Yogis: Bolo Jaganamata Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai
Shri Mataji: And He, He will possess all the powers to do or not to do. I mean is Mahakali and Mahalakshmi, all the powers, all the powers.
Before this, people used to go into Bhakti, devotion, Gyana, means reading, Patanjali Yoga, and then they used to get their Mokshas. But with this new method that this Maha Yogi will bring in, the pure power within you, in your chakras, will rise and as a result the Kundalini shakti will be awakened and will be enlightening.
Sahaja Yogini: What’s his name, Mother?
Shri Mataji: His name was [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi] … Bhujender, Bhujender Kaka, Kaka Bhujender. His name was Kaka Bhujender. Acharya Kaka Bhujender.
Sahaja Yogi: Acharya Kaka Bhujender. Satwachari.
Shri Mataji: Satwachari. Satwachari.
You don’t have to sacrifice this body. Many people, great saints, sacrificed their body in living condition. They went into a cave and shut themselves and died. That’s not necessary with this new method. And you won’t die either, means you will achieve your Spirit. And the “Sakshatkari Santvara shabdakari ka sant”, the Realized Souls, the saints who are Realized, the Brahmananda, the joy of the Brahma, by this new Yoga. And they won’t have to go into Samadhi. Samadhi is where people just sit down, go on meditating for hours together and the ants grow up on them, and all that is not necessary. Just without do anything like that they will get their Realization. And they will enjoy the joy of Brahma.
Sahaja Yogi: Sahaja Samadhi
Shri Mataji: The Sahaja Samadhi, this is Sahaja Samadhi, according to him.
Among millions, first one will get Realization. So you understand your own positions. You see, the way sometimes we flitter away our attention in nonsensical things, you realize that among millions you are one. This is written here. We flitter away our attention in useless things, like my husband, my wife, my children, this, that and that. So it is written here that among millions one will be selected. Do you follow that point?
A Sahaja Yogi speaks in Hindi.
Then the, all the human race can get over their death or their destruction by this Yoga. You’ll have to lead a life, a married life, a normal life, maybe may not marry but like a normal householder. Otherwise you cannot get this Yoga sisthi. Like if you become a big saint and a Sadhu Baba, or a guru or something great, you cannot get it. You have to be a normal householder, maybe married, may not be married, it is not the point. Samsari means living on this earth, in the “brass tacks”, as you say.
Sahaja Yogis: Brass tacks. Brass roots. Grass roots.
Shri Mataji: Grass roots. Is grass roots. But brass tacks are also. Brass tacks.
Sahaja Yogi: Brass tacks, yes.
Shri Mataji: Brass tacks
Sahaja Yogi: Down to the basics.
Shri Mataji: Down to the basics.
I’m getting American now. [Laughter] Sahaja Yogini: But I think that’s British, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Is it? Is it?
Sahaja Yogini: Brass tracks is British,
Shri Mataji: And what is the American for that?
Sahaja Yogini: I’ll have to think about that…
Shri Mataji: Alright, think it over.
Sahaja Yogini: I’ll tell you.
Sahaja Yogini: Nitty gritty.
Shri Mataji: Nitty gritty. [Laughter] Then all your diseases will disappear so fast with this Yoga that you won’t need anything like a hospital. In the beginning, these great Yogis, you people also, only by touching people, you can cure people. It’s a fact.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Like the Ardhanari Nateshwara is the Shiva that will be the state of human beings. Their old age will disappear, their body will remain as it is and they will have a body which is divine. What a promise! . [Laughter] So don’t worry too much about your bodily comforts, alright?
Then maybe some of you, if you want, you can fly in the air also, . [Laughter] with that, with that body. Also they can become subtle and can enter into the body – That already you are doing – enter into the body of others to get them cured – That already you are doing. They will not be touched by the fire and any weapons. Also you will be able to see these subtle things with your own eyes: you can see them. This will not only happen in India, but all over the world.
India is a country of great punyas. That’s why there are powers, which will look after the protection of this country and this country will gradually rise. He says that the third world war, that was…. [Speaking aside]: When was that time?
Sahaja Yogini: Two. We had two so far.
Sahaja Yogi: Second World War finished in ’45, Mother. Maybe there will be none. Third World War. [Laughter.].