But it’s absolutely wrong and nonsense that Christ created alcohol. What He did was to change the water into the taste of grape juice. Alcohol is called as ‘grape juice’ in Hebrew language. I mean, you can say it is not called, but ‘wine’ means ‘alcohol’ as well as ‘grape juice’. But it cannot be, because instantly you cannot create alcohol. Alcohol takes time, it has to rot and rot and rot, then it becomes an alcohol. But if Christ has made it in such a sahaj manner, spontaneously, how can it be an alcohol that intoxicates?
So, many people, especially in Christian religion, believe that Christ sanctified wine, which is absolutely wrong. He never sanctified alcohol. He changed the water into wine (grape) taste. The other day, I happened to meet a person, as you know him, Romano Battaglia. And he said, “Mother, you give me Realisation!” I said, “Alright, get me some water!” He brought some water, I put my fingers into it and then he tasted and said, “Mother, it tastes like wine!” I said, “That’s it! That’s what Christ has done.” So, there is no sanctity of alcohol. How can you expect Christ to do something like that, by which your awareness absolutely goes wrong? Those people who drink, you know are not normal people. Something goes wrong with their brains. When they drive, they create problems. When they are talking to somebody you can make out that they are not normal. They try to be very aggressive. Sometimes they can be very passive also. Mostly they are very aggressive and very much behaving in a manner that doesn’t behove a human being.
Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi 16 Sep 2000