“Yoga means the Union, as you know, with the Divine. But also Yoga has another meaning which means yukti.

In English language, to translate it properly [is] not possible, we can call it as a … yukti means the trick, [smiles] the trick. But trick is always connected with something funny and bad. But this yukti means the technique, but the technique is mechanical. So, I couldn’t find any proper word for yukti. But one can say it is the uh ‘to know the technique’ and ‘the trick of the technique’ uh is also another meaning of Yoga: yukti.
So even if you are connected, if you do not know the trick of the Union, then it is useless, it is of no avail. So, what one has to learn after getting Realization, not only the technique, but the trick of the technique.
And this is what one has to know: that in Yoga everything that you do should be just a play.
So, in modern times, when Sahaja Yoga is not just raising the Kuṇḍalinī but giving the complete knowledge about Sahaja Yoga and also empowering the person with the power to give others Realization, it was tremendous task. And that’s why we had to find out these methods by which we could give Realization to people.
But there are subtler and subtler yuktis of Sahaja Yoga, which you have to master.
Everybody is not capable of Sahaja Yoga. One has to know that. Not the whole world. Sahaja Yoga can only be given to people who are deserving, who are seekers and who are courageous, vīras. Is not meant for ordinary people.
So, first only deal with people who are simple, as Śhrī Kṛiṣhṇa dealt with gopas and gopīs. And then we can see, in a collective way, if we can face somebody who’s complicated. But no use transforming Hitler or Rajneesh. Not possible.
So one should not try to do impossible tasks in Sahaja Yoga, which Śhrī Kṛiṣhṇa has shown in His own character by avoiding things which He didn’t want to do: ‘No.’ And He did it because He was such a master.
This is what is Yoga is, where all your attention is one with the Divine and you’re so detached but you can see it.”
From the talk ~ 1991-0901 Śhrī Kṛiṣhṇa Pūjā, Tent, Cabella Ligure, Italy

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