Abraham-LiAbraham-Lincoln-Meditate4free-co-uk“It was the great advent of Abraham Lincoln which brought the uniquely true idea of democracy into reality in America. He specifically said that the government should be ‘of the people’. Yet today, we find that most countries who call themselves democracies have been ‘demonocracies’. They are ruled by people who are either money-oriented or power-oriented. Concern for the benevolence of the people, which should be the main aim of a democracy, has become completely lost in modern times. It is simply no longer a matter of concern for those people who are said to be at the helm of affairs. Many people have claimed, and perhaps they are not entirely wrong, that America is nowadays no longer ruled by the people, but by the rich only, by big businesses, or by cinema actors and actresses.

Quote from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s book, “Meta Modern Rea”