This video is about a lady who was dying and in a coma she describes what she felt in a Near Death Experience, she talks about the ‘all pervading power of Love’ in exactly the same way in which we talk about this in Sahaja Yoga, more than that, we also talk about ‘becoming ourselves’ as she does. Anita Moorjani also talks about becoming ‘yourself in an effortless way’ this is what Sahaja Yoga means, ‘effortless and spontaneous’. In Sahaja Yoga we talk about losing the left side of conditioning’s and the right side of ego, the ‘I am’ so does this lady, the only difference is that in the Practice of Sahaja Yoga this is attainable but just to tell the story as Anita does is not enough….So although Anita describes all the Love in the universal intelligent force of love, she can not give a method to attain this,in this form it is only advise, Sahaja Yoga is the technique to become the joy that she talks about and the connection with the ‘all pervading power’ see what you think?

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