Leonardo-Fibonacci-picturePut his name to this sequence in Nature but it was seen by India mathematicians 1000s of year before. Born in the Italian city of Pisa, sometime in the years 1170 to 1175, we know his given name was Leonardo Bonacci.


Planet VinusVenus and Earth form a beautiful Spirograph pattern with their orbits. The pattern of Venus around the Earth portrays a 5-petalled rose when viewed from the geocentric position. This beautiful pattern reveals the essence of Venus in her role of celestial guardian of love and beauty to those of us here on Earth. Have a look…

Sagittarius planets movement

Planet Vinus

Planetary Orbits: Spherical Signatures, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Uranus

Earth does not move in a regular time


How earth moves

The Planetary System


The video features the celestial geometry of the solar system traced by the ‘compound cycles’ between its main Planets: living geometries or ‘psycho-geometries’ that make up the energy frames of forms and events on each planet. In particular, it presents the “psycho-geometries” of the 5 and 6 pointed Stars of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, as well as the Square set by the Uranus-Neptune cycle.