Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Advisers

Possible manifestations of the Left Channel when out of balance

An imbalance in the left channel (the Yin channel in some of the Chinese philosophies/also know as the Moon channel) is related to viral infections, lethargy, feelings of low self-esteem, feeling very emotional for a prolonged length of time, feelings of guilt, living in the past, hyper sensative, laziness, fears, being over emotional and possibly depression too.

Clear the Left Channel

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  • Normally the 3 Candle treatment would be to have the 3 candles as shown in the 1st diagram below with the right hand on the earth, one candle behind the left hip, one candle at the side of the left hip, the third candle infront of the finger tips of the left hand and if you use the picture of Shri Mataji then inthe left hand should also be towards Shri Mataji’s picture. Place the right hand palm down onto the earth, you are taking ‘vibrations in through the left hand, clearing the left side and using the earth element as the ‘dissolving element’
  • Called as the 3 Candle treatment
  • Veriation on the 3 candle treartment, in this treatment we are adding an extra candle
    whereby we work on the chakras/nerve plexuses of the left side.
  • A change of diet can also help, to eat more proteins and less carboydrates, better to eat foods which are heating such as red peppers, chillies etc.Sahaja Yoga 3 candle treatment

Three candles Treatment (Plus extra candle)

‘Three candles treatment (plus) preferably sit on the floor cross-legged, if sitting on a chair rest the candles on a sturdy surface on a second chair perhaps, or place them on the floor in the same position given above. The candles should be big enough to give a good-sized flame as this will work better. ‘T’ lights are not really suitable, the stronger the light the better. But, use what you have available. Place the candles in a suitable candle holder.

Place the first candle behind your left hip area, second candle at the side of your left hip, third candle just in front of your left hand so that your fingertips are towards the candle flame, please be extra careful making sure all the candles far enough from your body to avoid setting fire to your clothes or burning your skin. If you practice Sahaja Yoga meditation then the left hand should also point towards the picture of Shri Mataji.

Next, work on each chakra of the left side by rotating the candle for a few minutes ‘clockwise’, in front of the chakra. Start with the Swadhisthan and finish with the superego on the right side of the head. Before finishing, move the candle up and down the left side of the body a few times.

*Clockwise* is as if you have a clock face facing out from the body, candle at 12 0’clock, then left, down. right, like that. see the chakra chart