A healthy eating for a long and peaceful life

A test on eating habits
What is healthy eating?
Reasons for bad eating habits
Important points
Our inner being and healthy eating
Finding the best diet for ourselves

A test on eating habits

– Do you feel tired quickly after physical effort and often feel weak?
– Do you feel your perception is less and memory is not as strong?
– Do you stil feel tired despite sleeping 8 hours a day?
– Do you eat enough of each nutrient?
– Do you tend to eat more of one group – carbohydrates or proteins?
– Do you get angry easily?
– Do you eat more or less than what you should be eating?


If your answer was yes to at least two of these questions this means you do not have a balanced diet. Bad eating habits fail to generate enough energy for the body to grow and creates problems in tissue formation.


What is healthy eating?


Consuming the nutrients necessary for our body nourishes not only our physical body but our emotions and spirit as well. Diet is the basis of health in all stages of life. It is important for the body to consume and store various nutrients to survive and stock up on energy. These nutrients must be taken regularly.


Reasons for bad eating habits


The tension of modern life, people, unemployment and our daily speed all cause tension. This pressure drains people of their energy and leads to all sorts of diseases. All this tension disturbs people’s eating habits and leads to various problems because physical problems are related to emotions. Psychological disorders such as depression and lethargy are also results of this state.


Important points


The keyword is balance. We need to establish balance within ourselves first to be able to lead balanced lives and adopt a balanced diet. Our body must pick up the correct signals and some of this depends on our diet. You could observe the amount of energy you will be consuming when you eat certain foods. Forming a balanced diet requires taking into account your lifestyle, likes and traditions. The keyword here should be healthy eating rather than eating to  live. How do we establish balance?


Our inner being and healthy eating


Healthy eating requires knowing about our inner being. Every human has an energy system made up of three energy channels (left, right, center).


Our left channel gives us the desire to be alive, enlightens our emotions and forms the superego. Proteins support, strengthen and balance our right side. Examples are red meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, soya beans, black beans, nuts, pistachios, almonds, wheat flower, walnuts, cabbages, potatoes and grains.


Our right channel functions in the form of energy, controls physical activity and intelligence and forms the ego by giving us the capacity to analyze, compete, plan and think. Carbohydrates support our physical activity and relax and strengthen our right channel. Pasta, rice, sugar, starchy foods, fruit, vegetables and desserts are among these.


Our center channel is the channel of balance and evolution. It represents the moment we live in. Our Kundalini energy rises along this channel during its journey to our last chakra. Honey, ghee, chickpeas are all good for this channel. Some red meat is ok but it should be easy to digest. Meat without fat and ghee should be preferred. You can take honey in all forms. Carbohydrates are also necessary to relax our center channel.


Fats that make inner processes easier are also important for our body because they help tissues benefit from calcium. This in turn stimulates growth. Fat levels should be adjusted correctly in food because excess carbohydrates and proteins turn into fat. Eating too much fatty foods upsets the balance of the body.


Which channel do we use more?


How do we know? Try this: if you have received your self realization, open both your hands at the level of your heart and keep your palms stretched. Now see, which palm is warmer? Try this some other time too. If a palm is warmer many times it means you are using it more.


A warm left hand means you are using your left hand too much. This is why you should consume proteins that relax this channel more. But do not overdo it and eat just enough. You could use spice in food as well.


A warm right hand means you are using your activity channel a lot. Try consuming carbohydrates that will cool down this side. Please keep in mind that all food should be consumed in balance. It would be advisable to apply the liver diet if you have an angry, stressful and hectic life.


Try to avoid foods that have waited a long time and cooked over again. Nutrients are absorbed better when food is chewed slowly.


If you haven’t received your self realization yet or cannot feel the warm or cool breeze, then you can see which channel you are using more by looking at your behaviour.


Left channel: manifests our feminine side, emotions and past. It is our channel of desire. Thinking of the past too much, feeling tired, weak and sad mean we are using our left side a lot. More proteins would be good.


Right channel: our masculine, creative and futuristic side. Channel of action. A very active person who plans for the future a lot, easily angered or in lots of mental activity means this channel is working too hard and is drained. This makes us aggressive, ambitious and greedy at times. Carbohydrates are advisable.

Finding the best diet for ourselves


A healthy body requires a healthy diet. This also helps balance our life.


However, following a diet or eating doesn’t mean blindly following what is told to us. A positive world view that manifests joy and well being is very important in choosing what is good for us. This is why we should avoid sticking to certain food that come with our lifestyle and try to find the best alternatives.


Olive oil and ghee are both very good. Green vegetables and salads are always nutritious.


We should not skip water – which is  a strong connection between man and nature. 70% of our body is made of water.


Doing water therapy for a few days is very good to purify the entire body.