Get back to basics

One should go to the basics of everything. Why are we here? Why, if there is God, are we human beings? What do we have to achieve? Let us go to that point…. Let us go into the basics that are missing within us. Let us find out about it. I think there is no end to this message of reality…. Keep your mind open and see for yourself how glorious you are, how beautiful you are. You are at the epitome of your evolution. It is the last breakthrough you are all seeking.
Practically, in these modern times, there are so many seekers. There have never been so many. It is a special time when there are seekers. Even when they take drugs or they go to wrong paths or they follow fake gurus, I would say they are still seekers and they have to find the truth. They have to get it. It is their birthright to get it. (22.07.1988)