The 10 Adi Gurus (Primordial Masters)

What is an Adi Guru?
Adi means a primordial, always there, deep within the psyche, ancient and part of humanity, in our DNA from the very beginning.
Guru simply means teacher, so the Adi Gurus is like archetype figure who teaches the correct way to act, giving the individual and society moral boundaries, a correct moral code for the betterment of the society.
The Nabhi Chakra has ten valencies, these 10 valencies are represented by the Presentation on the 10 Adi Gurus (Primordial Masters) of the Void area of the subtle system.  Ten great Masters have taken their births, in order to help establish righteousness and exemplify good conduct. These incarnations are the navigators who help chart the journey for those who are desiring to cross the turbulent waters of the Ocean of Illusion.

The 10 Adi Gurus who incarnated were…

  • Shri Raja Janaka – King of Mithila and Father of Shri Sita, Shri Sita being the wife of Shri Rama (India c. 8000 BC).
  • Shri Abraham – Forefather of the 12 tribes of Israel (Israel c. 2000 BC).
  • Shri Zarathustra – Instituted Monotheism and fire worship (Persia c. 1800 BC).
  • Shri Moses – Founder of Jewish law (Egypt c. 1250BC).
  • Shri Lao-Tsu – Author of Tao Te Ching (China b. 604 BC).
  • Shri Confucius – Taught ethics and compiled I Ching (China b. 549 BC).
  • Shri Socrates – Founder of Greek philosophy (Greece b. 431 BC).
  • Shri Mohammed –  of which Islam was created after his death (Arabia d. 632 AD).
  • Shri Guru Nanak –  Who came to unite the Muslims and the Hindus his followers 10 gurus later created Sikhism (India b. 1469 AD).
  • Shri Shirdi of Sainath – Was one of many divine Saints and Incarnations who prophesied Shri Mataji’s birth (India c. 1840 – 1918 AD).