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Joy is a state of mind which does not have duality.

” Today, in these modern times, we are standing at a very precarious position. On one side we find our material affluence has not rendered us any help as far as the Joy of the Spirit is concerned. We have achieved no joyful state by achieving all kinds of scientific discoveries, and the so-called flights of our scientific mind. In a way it is nice that we have started realizing that it is not this matter, which is going to give us joy. It is a simple thing one has to understand, that matter can never give us joy but can only give us domination; it can dominate us, can enslave us. For example, if you make a chair out of the wood, then you cannot sit on the ground; and if you get a very comfortable sofa set made for yourself, then you find it hard to sit on a chair made out of wood, so that you cannot live without the habit that is formed within us due to the subtle domination of matter. We go on changing forms of matter, one after another, and we find that we have not really achieved anything, as far as our real joy is concerned.

Now we must know what joy is: as it is described in all the scriptures of the world, joy is a state of mind which does not have duality. Like day and night, like happiness and sorrow – it does not have that. It’s a state in which you feel you are beyond all the waves of thought, all the waves of identification, and you start enjoying yourself. This joy that we talk of doesn’t come from matter, nor does it come from your mind; it comes from the Spirit, which is in your heart. You may say, “How are we to believe that there is a Spirit?” Of course, you have to know that there is a Spirit only in a hypothetical way. It’s just a hypothesis I am putting before you. You need not accept it at this moment, but I say there is a Spirit in your heart.

Now, Sahaja Yoga is a system by which your attention enters into your Spirit; it’s an actualization. It is not talking, it is not sermoning, it is not conditioning, but it is a happening. And this happening takes place within us because we are made that way. God has created us specially for this last happening within us, where we become connected with our Spirit, and thus we become connected with the Spirit of all the people and actualize the experience of collective consciousness. It’s no question of giving any, what you call the brainwashing about it; it’s just a happening that has to take place within you. And this has been promised in all the scriptures: they say it is your second birth or they may say it is Self-Realization; and there are many other words people have used but it is just the same. ”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi July 26, 1979 ” In Search of Joy ” Public Program Enfield,

London, U.K.

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